Fast. Safe

Full truck load transportation brings lots of advantages. The transportation can be provided in the shortest time possible. Terms of delivery and safety of cargo during transportation have particular importance in this type of transportation.

We transport goods for different industry sectors from technical equipment to beverages but we particularly specialize in:

  • chemical goods;
  • industrial packaging;
  • household appliances and electronics;
  • personal belongings and diplomatic goods;
  • fast moving consumer goods.

Our focus on specific industry sectors means that our clients get real competitive advantages while cooperating with the team specialized in a particular market. Our aim is to build long-term partnership with clients and work closely for mutual benefits and prosperity.

We ensure:

  • full control of the entire shipping process from the moment of loading until the delivery of goods to the consignee;
  • daily truck location;
  • export customs clearance and control of all shipping and customs documents;
  • qualified informational support and consulting.

Entrusting your cargo to the specialists of our company, you can be assured of high quality and prompt delivery, complete safety and security of the cargo during transportation.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them!