Smart solutions

Our company has significant experience in the delivery of groupage cargoes, including dangerous goods (ADR) and goods that require special temperature terms.

We have wide network of proved partners, adjusted scheme of delivery, convenient location of consolidation warehouses. All these helps us to provide fast and safe delivery of groupage cargoes with loads pick up in the EU countries within 24-48 hours from clients’ notification. Loads are been consolidated at transit warehouses in Germany, Lithuania or Poland for further delivery to final consignee.

While transporting groupage loads we provide the following service:

  • work out an optimal scheme of delivery by groupage or separate small truck taking account сargo characteristics, budget, terms of delivery, transportation route;
  • contact consignor to check all details: dimensions, quantity of CLL, gross weight, readiness date;
  • deliver loads from consignor to transit warehouse;
  • render services of storage, repacking, labeling, handling operations, completion of custom and shipping documents;
  • deliver loads to consignee in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries;
  • provide full information support at all stages of transportation and daily cargo location.

We pay special attention to each transportation. Working with us you can be sure that you chose the most effective way to deliver your cargo.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them!